I was listening to A Drink with James this morning and he mentioned how annoying 2018 reviews were on IG Stories... and you guys I have to agree {insert monkey covering mouth here} it was just too much IMO and some were super cool to see but then people took it to a whole other level and it was never ending - I honestly just skipped, skipped, skipped. If you follow me on IG you remember I did a little poll asking if you wanted to see mine... you all were kind enough to say yes but I ended up not posting because there were so many bloggers doing it and truthfully, the way I see it... if I am bored looking at them, then I am sure you will probably skip through mine too. If I am not feeling it in my bones, I don't do it, I don't just follow trends because it's "the thing to do", that's just not my style and now I am glad I didn't do it because James gave me this great idea to instead share 20 never before seen pics, so much more fun! So here we go... some are iPhone, others are shot by Geri and the rest are just some cute moments I loved. 

What'd ya think? I love looking back at the last year, these memories are priceless and I am so happy I can share them with you in this way... I think this will be my little thing now for end of year / beginning of - Pics That Never Made It To The 'Gram - Thanks James!