Mic check, one two! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019, you guyssss! I was supposed to write this yesterday but truthfully, we were up so late on NYE that we chilled all day yesterday and it was great. But here I am now, that's what counts right? 

I thought long and hard about what my first post of 2019 should be... and since we are all "new year, good vibes" right now, I wanted to share why I am a big believer in affirmations from a young age and why I am raising my children to be goal driven, affirmation believers, little rays of sunshine  with a side of streets smart. As a mom of 2, I try to do the best I can while also instilling positivity and strength in my kids, because life is tough and I want to grow up to be bad ass God loving humans. Whether we are spending quality time outdoors, playing board games, catching a show or relaxing at home, we all have good moments and bad moments. So in 2018 I started teaching them and reminding them to say their affirmations. I truly believe it's so important to teach them to be confident, positive little goal getters, no matter what their interests in life may be, no matter what age.

Some of the things I've taught my kids to say and learn to believe are the following affirmations:

- I am strong
- I am healthy
- I am happy
- And I can do whatever I put my mind to.

Ben loves it and it can truly change his attitude on any given day from thinking, he "can't" do something to at the very least trying it first. And for me it's satisfying because it has become part of my personal morning routine so it's sort of second nature for me now at any moment of our days.

Earlier today I shared that Ben was feeling super lazy this morning after the 2-week Christmas break so I was his little cheerleader and said to him "Ben it's a new year, new day, let's think of all the positive things today instead of focusing on how tired or lazy we feel" - so I asked him to repeat after me... and you guys, the mind is more powerful than we even know... within a few minutes he was up and geared up. All it took was a little pep talk and a lot of will power. I don't claim to be the best mom (though my kids will tell you I am - God bless their souls!) and I have learned through experience that a HAPPY mom (and dad) is all they need. So if I can somehow teach them that everything they tell themselves is true, good and bad, whatever they are feeding their minds, whatever they believe, is true... then I want to teach them to be strong, healthy, happy and that they can do whatever they put their mind to.

My plans this 2019 include a lot more of what my last quarter of 2018 consisted of and that's : God first, practicing patience, not sweating the little things, focusing on feeling happy, surrounding myself with people and situations that only make me feel great and at peace and most of all never forgetting to say my affirmations. They work, I promise. 

Cheers to a whole new year... this weekend we are working on our vision boards, Dave is doing one with me for the first time and I am so excited! ps: I think I am going to film it! Happy New Year, sending you all my love and all of my light... xo.