We all want good skin but honestly I don't believe there's just one secret formula. Just what works for each individual, IMO. But I am happy to share some things that have worked for me and how I've improved my skin texture. We all want that smooth, healthy glow... I know, me too! There are a few things that work for my skin, I've tried many brands, masks and moisturizers and always will because I simply love skincare products but the one thing that has worked the fastest for me [when in desperate need] is using homemade treatments. But remember, everything depends on your areas of concern, skin texture and of course, genetics. 

Here are some easy ways to improve your skin texture instantly: 

1. Facial oils are my best friend. I use them mostly at night because I have combination skin and my T-zone tends to get oily naturally but now a days we have amazing oils that don't over grease you anyway. These are some brands I use: Pixi Rose Oil, La Mer Face Oil and a Vitamin E Oil. Not all at the same time, just depends on the day I am having. 

2. Make a brown sugar scrub at home! Add honey + coconut oil... I shared my mom's recipe HERE.

3. Greek yogurt adds so much moisture. Check out THIS Pinterest idea for details. 

4. Water, water, water! I am guilty of forgetting to top my water intake daily but I do drink water every single day, at least 3 bottles a day. Water is your bestie... hello hydration! 

5. Sheet masks are life... easy peasy, even right before bed, no rinsing needed. I love the Yes To brand, which is sold almost everywhere. I use the coconut one;)
If you follow me on IG, you know that my skin was not it's usual self last week. It felt extra dry - even for winter, so dull and I was having breakouts per say... they weren't actual zits but more like little bumps. But this has never happened to me so I did what I do best in times of beauty emergencies and clicked on my Pinterest app. Guuurl, I found the best Greek Yogurt Face Mask, you can use different ingredients for different concerns so I headed to my local Target to get some plain greek yogurt and avocados. Added olive oil, honey and voila! I did it twice over the weekend and I can see a big difference instantly. En serio! Here's the little tut video I posted on my IG.

Lastly, please remember that my skin concerns are different than yours and we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. I know I am guilty of it too. And I do want to mention that we are all beautiful and acne or different skin textures do not define us... we can't all be Jessica Alba haha. But we can sure try! And these homemade recipes work for me, I hope they work for you too.