Happy Monday you guys! It's been such a great weekend, I feel like I got so much accomplished. I had off from my part-time today and we took the kids to the Museum of Natural History in NYC, it was the perfect day for it and I am so happy we enjoyed our day off. Then it was time for Be a Boss Babe (my new FB Group), I did my very first FB Live earlier and it was great, thank you all for joining me. To say I feel accomplished on this fine Monday is an understatement! 

So in order to keep this flow of energy on high, I want to share my business goals for the week in hopes to inspire you to jot down your goals and crush them this week with me! First things first, vacation planning! I have a couple of weekend trips I want to take with the kids, so this week I am researching spots for a weekend trip in March... for an amazing collaboration I am doing! Second, send out two pitch emails to two brands I've been looking to connect with. And third, get all my 1099's and backup together (hate tax season!) by the end of the week. 

These are 3 main goals this week that I would like to see accomplished. I find that writing them down and seeing them on paper helps me so much. Try it... let me know if it helps you! 
Let's get these goals accomplished boss babes! There is no better feeling than checking that list off! If you aren't following yet... there are a couple new pics on the 'gram. Xo,