Hi Boss Babes, I know it's been a minute (a whole week!) since I came on here to update you guys on my FB group: Be a Boss Babe but here I am:) So we had our very first FB Live last Monday and it was great, everyone was so excited and encouraging. So the deal is that we will meet on FB Live every Monday at 9pm Eastern Time. I did a poll and that seems to be a time that worked for everyone. 

So on today's Live we will be discussing my thoughts about giveaways, comment pods and growing your following. I don't want to give to much away so that you will all tune in a little later but know that I have done giveaways, in large and small scales. I've don't comment pods and I've also been screwed by the Instagram algorithm like most of us have! So it'll be cool to talk rawly about my thoughts and what has been working for me. 

If you want to tune in make sure you join our group HERE and answer all 3 questions you are prompted so I can accept you. A lot of people haven't been answering and I want to make sure that you do so I can know who you are a little better. So let me get back to finishing out tonight's outline, see ya babes lata'!