So even though I don't believe in celebrating love for just one day a year, I love any reason to be extra thoughtful and loving. Now that I am a mom I love to make cute little traditions with the kids, so celebrating Valentine's Day is special to us. But I have to admit, I rather stay home and set up a cute dinner for us than go out to a restaurant with a pre-fix menu. 

So I headed out to Target got some cute themed paper plates, cups, decor, tulips from the market and set up a cute Valentine's tablescape. Dave and I bought small gifts for the kids and for each other. My mom who is a part of our daily lives will also be with us. What better way to celebrate love than to spend it with the ones you love most? 

For me, it's more about quality time and traditions than a hallmark holiday. I want my kids to remember these little moments and to always be grateful for all their blessings. 

Happy Valentine's Day and hope you're filled with love... from your partner, your children, your parents, your friends, your pets... love is love is love. Tell the ones you love that you love them... not just today with flowers and candy but everyday. Stay blessed!