#BEABOSSBABE was born from the idea of what it means to be a boss girl in today's digital world. For me, this blogging journey has taken many turns in the past few years... as you know, I started this blog as a hobby and that slowly turned into a business that I love and enjoy very much. For me, this blogging world is
more than just cute ootd's, millennial pink and the perfect insta-worthy photo. While I love all of that... blogging to me has turn into a deeper connection with like-minded women who inspire me everyday to keep doing what I do.

As I'd imagine all bloggers do, I get daily DM's with numerous questions about blogging, brand strategy, photography, IG and how to balance it all while still kicking ass every step of the way... and that's exactly why I created Be a Boss Babe, with all of you in mind. For you, for me, for us boss babes. 

Be a Boss Babe is a Facebook Group created by me with the simple idea of collecting all those questions you have and curating them into one portal... one private FB Group where I can answer your questions and hand off my best tips as a business woman, entrepreneur and BOSS BABE. I am really excited for what's to come and I hope you will enjoy it too. 

Honestly, I am a little nervous because when I start something I have to do 100 or nothing at all. So dedicating my time to yet another project is crazy enough but when you love something and you want to succeed 24 hours a day are gold. So cheers to this new adventure... let's get this BB (that's boss babe) party started!

In order to join you can request an invitation HERE. Tell your blogger besties and their besties too.