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Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a 2-day influencer event with Johnson's Baby here in New Jersey! New Jersey events almost never happen, so I was happy that
it was in my home state and that I was attending part dos of my Johnson's Baby partnership this year. The event consisted of visiting the brand new and stunning Johnson & Johnson Museum in New Brunswick and the Johnson's lab in Skillman. 
The Johnson & Johnson museum opened about 4 weeks ago but it's not open to the public yet, it will be this coming fall. It was such an honor to get a real inside view at how the Johnson's brand began. I learned so much about the Johnson brothers and about some revolutionary products they invented. Here are some facts that stood out to me along with some pictures.
F A C T S :
  • The Johnson & Johnson brand was found in 1886 by three brothers; Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson. Robert Wood Johnson was the chairman from 1932 to 1963, he crafted this Credo in 1943 and it is the mission that the company stands by to this day.
  • Some of the first products they sold were mass-produced sterile dressings and gauze—did you know that before Johnson & Johnsons introduced sterilization, surgeons would operate on people in street clothes? The more stains their street coats had the better or more experienced doctors they were thought to be. Thank God for sterilization! 
  • Earl Dickinson invented the Band-Aid  after his wife Josephine would frequently slice her fingers while in the kitchen. Dickinson presented the idea to James Wood Johnsons and the Band-Aid was born in 1920.

  • Johnson& Johnson introduced the world's first First Aid Kit after one of the Johnson's brothers saw the need for railroad surgeons during their trips to help out injured railroad workers. Afterward, the First Aid Kits were introduced to the public. 
If you are in New Jersey I totally recommend you visit the museum - it was not just informative but also so pleasing to the eye. The space is open with tons of natural light coming in and I loved the architecture and culture behind each brick (literally). The building is the original 1886 building where the brand was founded. And while it has a lot of history it is also modern. Pictures don't do it justice and I can't wait to take the kids. 
After a very cool day at the museum we had dinner at Heirloom Kitchen in Old Bridge, NJ. The food was amazing and the space was a blogger's dream. We had such a great time chatting and laughing the entire evening, it was great to get to know everyone on a different level. 
- - -
On Day 2, we were whisked away at around 9 in the morning by bus and headed to Skillman to visit the Johnson & Johnson lab for the day. This was the action packed, full learning experience part of the event. It was so informative and we got a real inside look into how the products are made and how much thought and effort as well as safety comes in every single product that Johnson & Johnson produces. 
I didn't get to take that many photos on day two because there were areas were you couldn't but regardless of that fact it was a great learning experience. 
The first lesson was called Babyology 101 (how proper and cute!) where we sat down in a classroom atmosphere and we learned that Johnson's Baby products go under a long research and testing experience before hitting the shelves. We got a little behind the scenes look at the process of making the formulas and how safe and effective they are with only one thing in mind and that is helping babies all over the world. We were introduced to the products used and why they are necessary;  whether for preservation or comfort and to sooth our babies' skin and lives. 
After the Babyology class we sat down to hear all about a great new app that is being designed as I type, it's actual in beta right now, and I can't say much but it's amazing and so helpful to all parents. I can't wait to tell you more about it but I promise it's going to make your life so much better. 
We also got to see the area in the lab where they do research groups, for obvious reasons no photos or video was allowed but it was really cool to see and experience. We even got to be part of a research study group ourselves and go through the whole process. It was such a cool day filled with information, inspiration and so much fun. The team did an amazing job at showing us around and I have a new profound respect for the brand after seeing how much goes into everything they launch. 
I have to say that what inspired me most though was not just their determination and love for the product but also their care and attention to family. Little things like the fact that every Johnsons' employee had a photo of their kids or fur babies on their name badge - it showed who important family is to the brand and how much they stick by their Credo and their mission worldwide. I also was empowered to see that a majority of the scientists at the lab were women. It was truly an amazing experience for me and I hope you all enjoyed the recap video I published last week and all the behind the scenes photos I've been posting on Instagram.
If you haven't seen the video, it's on my YouTube channel or click play below:)