I have received information about the TYLENOL® SMILING IT FORWARD™ program from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post for Latina Bloggers Connect.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the #SmilingItForward brunch event today at the ultra chic Nomad Hotel in Manhattan today. I was not only inspired and feeling extra informed but also really happy to share the afternoon with some amazing inspiring women, including Dr. Aliza LifShitz from Vida y Salud. Most of the bloggers at the event are mommies like myself, so it was great to relate and share our stories and never ending worries when it comes to our little ones. But the most amazing thing I learned today was the fact that there are over 50 mobile clinics serving hundreds of locations in the United States including schools, community shelters and homeless shelters so that every child in need has a chance to be healthy and ready to learn.
  And all this is possible through The Children's Fund and Tylenol is one of their advocates who provide the funds needed to make this amazing cause possible. The makers of Tylenol started the SMILING IT FORWARD™ program in 2013 to help bring children in need the healthcare they deserve. Below you will see a few pictures I was able to snap while taking a tour of the amazing mobile clinic, this one in New York is actually one of their smaller ones - because as we all know New York is quite crowded and streets can be narrow. But nonetheless, the clinic was amazing. I was so surprised to see how cool, neat and clean these buses are. Each bus is affiliated with a hospital from the town or city they serve. The Children's Fund makes sure that its patients have the best care supplied by some of the best doctors in the area. This New York mobile clinic is affiliated with Montefiore for example, the one in Los Angeles is affiliated with Cedars Sinai, just so you can have an idea of the amazing work they do. Today I realized anything really IS possible when you set your heart and sight to it. I am so happy to be able to help spread awareness for such an inspiring cause. And this all wouldn't have been possible without the help from Tylenol - such a trusted over the counter medicine that I personally use for my son as well as myself, especially not that I am pregnant. 

As you can see the space is definitely not an issue here, all the patient rooms are packed with everything necessary that you would find in a regular doctor's office. Because what is most important is to provide healthcare to all those families in need. Not just children's without healthcare but also undocumented and lower class families who simply cannot afford medical care and are left with zero options. The Children's Fund and Tylenol are truly doing such an amazing community labor of love by helping the children in our communities and you can help too! All you have to today is help me spread the word. Head over to Tylenol's Facebook and upload a photo* and for every photo uploaded Tylenol will donate $1 to The Children's Fun (up to $100,000) to help ensure health care is always at the hands of every child in need. I shared a photo of myself with the boy who puts a smile on my face every day... and now you can share yours too! 
 Here's a group shot of all the lovely ladies I got to meet and chat with today. And below Betty Galvan from My Friend Betty Says, one of my favorite mommy blogs. Check her out HERE
Thank you so much to Latina Bloggers Connect, Tylenol and The Children's Fund for having me today. I left feeling inspired and happy to know we can all help spread the word through our communities to help children around the country. Nothing makes me feel better than Smiling It Forward. 

*Between June 23, 2014 and November 30, 2014, McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL® is inviting anyone 18 and older to upload a “smile” photo on the TYLENOL® Facebook page. Each approved “smile” will trigger a $1 donation from TYLENOL® to Children’s Health Fund, with a minimum donation of $75,000 and a maximum donation of $100,000. Review Terms and Conditions for complete program details. For information about Children’s Health Fund, visit www.childrenshealthfund.org.