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 So what's in my bag? I keep an array of different things in there... from lip glosses to chocolate and crackers to hand lotion and toy cars! So random, right? Just wait till you are a mommy... Ever since I had Ben my hand bags seem to get bigger and bigger. I just love to have everything in there "just in case" I wanted to show you what I keep in my bag as a mom to a 3 year old. As for me, one of the most important things is hand sanitizer (I am becoming a germophobe!) and hand cream. For years now I cannot live without hand cream. Every single time I wash my hands I have to use hand cream, it feels like I am missing something if I don't. I owe that little OCD trait to my mom. She is such a body cream, hand cream, all sorts of creams person... but I love it. And for the past week I have been using Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream and I truly love it. The size is perfect for my daily bag and the texture and feel of my hands have never been better. There's nothing like soft hands to me... not just in the winter but all year round. My key is to keep a small sized cream like the one I use and apply every time you wash. Sometimes I apply randomly throughout the day, especially on winter months. Some women forget to take care of their hands as much as we take care of our faces and bodies. It is so important to moisturize your hands ladies, it helps reduce signs of aging, because yes! your hands can reveal your age too! Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream also helps with dryness, cracking and even repairs your dry cuticles. Well, I am off to cook dinner now! But first: what is the one thing you can't live without?? Are you as obsessed with your hands as I am? 
 My latest fall obsessions... aside from my Neutrogena hand cream? Combat boots, cozy knits + fab hats!