One of the biggest lessons I want to teach my daughter is to love herself no matter what. I want her to be a confident, smart and kind young lady one day.  I remember when I was a little girl I was never happy with my hair, I lived in a community of mostly Dominican and Puerto Rican students in my school. They had this super curly pretty hair and I remember wanting to have that hair so badly, without loving mine first. I had my mom buy me a blow drier with a diffuser and I would wash my hair, put a whole bunch of mouse and diffuse my hair to get as many girls as I could. Had I known how much everyone loved my hair (if I was told so) I probably wouldn't have wanted other girls' hair back then. I love my hair today, it's wavy and easy to manage and a lot of people tell me how lucky I am to be able to wash and go. It took my adult life to realize this and about 4 years ago I stopped dyeing my hair and now it's its natural color and I couldn't be happier within my own skin. Now that I have a daughter, I want to teach Emme that no matter what kind of color eyes, skin, or hair type she has - that she is beautiful and that she should love herself first. I love Emme's dirty blonde locks, her hair is so soft and golden... the ends of her hair curl up and she looks the cutest when she just wakes up! But I know one day the pressures of being a girl will catch up to her, so that's why I want to start teaching her self-love very early on. 
One of the ways we can teach our daughters that we are all beautiful in our own way is by reminding them how beautiful humans are, no matter their race or color. Starting these important topics early on is important. We are all different in the exterior but the same underneath it all. I constantly praise both of my kids... I tell Emme she is beautiful all the time. And Ben, he loves to sing (but his voice isn't so amazing! but he would never guess, because whenever he sings and dances I tell him he is the best singer and dancer I've ever seen. And truly, that has built a confidence in him. Eventually he will know that singing probably won't be his thing lol but at least I am always here to tell him he is amazing at everything he puts his heart out to. 
With children it's very important to pay attention to their wants and needs... including their exterior and their self love. Emme is only 2 years old but I know she will be a confident, loving and kind young woman one day because I plan on helping her build those traits one step at a time, praise by praise, hug by hug. Do you have any tips or ways that you teach your daughter to always love herself?
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