You guys I've been running around like a chicken without a head... so that I don't have to run around like a chicken without a head Friday through Sunday! I truly want to relax and enjoy this holiday weekend. But before things get extra crazy (my cousin is coming in from out of town tonight!) I wanted to share our Christmas Family Photos. Diana from Loveprint Photography came to our home to shoot lifestyle pics and I am in love. I love family photos and had these very sweet and relaxed ideas in my mind. I wanted no stress and because it's so cold out now I knew I wanted to do an indoors session.
Diana is very sweet and so patient, I definitely recommend her if you are in the NJ/NYC area. I briefly explained to her what I wanted during our pre-session chat and she delivered and then some. I love it when I work with professionals who know have such passion and love for their work, with Diana it truly showed. I also got my pictures back within the week! I was so impressed and loved every single shot, too bad I can't show you all of them but they are amazing. Here are just a few (a lot!) so you guys can see her work. And check out her website Loveprint Photography for more of her gorgeous galleries. We have a few things in the works so I can't wait to share all about it in the new year.  I hope you enjoy! I have three more campaigns before the year ends! So stay tuned for that. 

PS: Due to my lack of time, I decided to go ahead and select 4 winners from all of you who entered my giveaways in the last few days. I will be tagging you on Instagram so you can send me your info. I am so sorry you guys, but I am gifting you these little gifts from the bottom of my heart. I feel terrible I wasn't able to post every day in the last few days but you are still getting something from me. I will try to tag you guys tonight. 
Photo Credit: Loveprint Photography