2017 is right around the corner, can you believe it? Yo tampoco! Aside from the excitement of a brand new year, new goals and plans... I always get excited to shop for outfits for my family. I like to be sure that we are all decked out in our finest threads to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 with happy arms! The other day, I was at Target (as usual) I went for food and ended up getting us a full set of outfits which are perfect for NYE. I love that we can all wear these pieces in different ways not just for this occasion, aside from that they had amazing sales right after Christmas so that was a win! So here you go for some cute New Year's Eve outfit ideas for the family, courtesy of Target.
I am obsessed with the Cat & Jack collection and every time I go to Target I find something cuter and cuter, for both the kids. I had my eye on this dress for Emme for a while and I decided to finally get it. I love the a-line style for little girls, I love to dress my daughter like a child that she is and these dress styles are perfect for that. I have two dress options for her for this night, the other is a gorgeous blush pink but in the same style. She looks adorable in just about anything, in my eyes!
For Ben, I went with a super cute sweater from the Cat & Jack line, and these soft skinny pants which I know he will wear many times. For boys, it's a lot easier to get them dressed and going since they don't have many accessories to play with but I love to still dress him super handsome. Love that boy!
As far as my outfit, I chose this black sequin skirt (runs big btw) from the Who What Wear collection at Target with a velvet jacket lined in silk. I paired it with an old gold top from my closet and some fab stilettos for the win! I have to say wearing 5" heels isn't the easiest thing around my children but I love to feel like myself and always have a pair of fact shoes handy, just in case. I decided to put my hair up because it was easy and I am loving ponytails lately. Add a red lip for a dash of color and you are ready to go and party. 

As you guys can see, Emme was cranky, Ben was making fun of her (see photo above!) but I guess it made for some very real life photos lol. The struggle is real my friends! I think they still look adorable but I am their mom so I may be bias. Love those rugrats.
I have one last NYE post before the year ends so stay tuned for that;) it'll be on my YouTube channel, so if you haven't subscribed go and do so, so you don't miss it!