So for my very first Mommy Mondays post, I want to share something I've always heard, even before I had my children. I've talked to so many mommies, new and experienced, mommies to be and even those who simply can't wait to be a mom one day about it. So for today's topic I am sharing my thoughts on "When is the right time to become parents?". This is one of those tricky open ended questions and the answers vary per couple. I remember when I was a little girl... I always wanted to be a mom and a young mom at that. So I knew from the moment we got married I wanted to enjoy our newlywed bliss but I also knew I wanted babies - that was a no brainer for me. We always knew we wanted to enjoy this newlywed bliss and travel and party and simply be in love and get to know each other at a totally different level than ever before, first. We didn't live together before we got married, so as you can imagine, this was all new, fun and a big adjustment for both of us. We had an amazing first two years (whoever said the first year is the hardest must have been kidding!.. try having kids lol!) after those two years where we traveled a ton, slept a ton and just had so much fun, we started talking babies and I couldn't be happier. I was 27 when I had Ben and truthfully to this day it was the best time of my life. The timing of my pregnancy, his birth, his first year, everything was nothing short of perfection. We were in pure baby bliss... but before we conceived him, we did have a couple of conversations on whether or not it was the "right time". Nearly 5 years later, my answer is still the same "it's never the right time" ... I truly believe that in life if you wait for the right time for every one of your decision then you will never get anything done. At the time, I was working in a really great paying office job, I wanted to go back to school and we wanted to buy a house... we thought the baby needed a house. Like what kind of baby needs and entire house!? haha... we lived in this really cute and small 1 bedroom apartment.... I'll never forget it. I had moments when I didn't know what to do: do I go back to school and just pursue my career dreams or do I have this long awaited baby I am dying to bring into the world? After much praying and talking with my husband, we decided that you know what? it will never be the right time if we continued to put excuses in places. Whether it was a new house, a bigger car, a better job, another degree, a promotion, x amount of money in salary... if you start to think of all the things you have to "have in place" before forming a family your list will become endless. So we went for it. We said our family will always be first and we were ready to start that journey. And I have never been so sure of a decision like that one. My son is the best thing that happened to me, he made me a mother and without him so many things wouldn't be what they are today. It was the perfect time. He was made with so much love and he was welcomed with so much happiness and pride and simply pure love from every single one of my family members and my friends... to the point where the hospital security said they had never seen these many visitors for a baby. Boy, did everyone come to see him! It was pure bliss in my heart and in my home. 
No bank account will ever be large enough for a baby, no house will be baby ready enough, no couple will ever be truly ready to be parents. There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for the worries, the sleepless nights, the frustrations, the tears - your tears! but the amount of love, happiness and pure joy a child brings into your home is priceless. It's simply indescribable. 
I've always told my friends whenever they ask for my advice, that it won't ever be the right time, bank accounts always have to be bigger, houses have to be larger, careers have to be at the top... all while time flies by. You will never regret having a baby... but for some women, you might regret not having one. Both of my kids are the reason for my existence. And without them truthfully I wouldn't be where I am today. Literally. This blog most likely wouldn't exist. If you didn't know I started blogging when Ben was 3 months old as an outlet to hold on to "ME". To do something for myself... and before I knew it, it became my job. And because of my blog, my business, I am able to work from home... and never miss a beat in my children's steps. I manage my hours, my schedule, and while it isn't easy, I feel blessed everyday to be able to do what I do and truly enjoy their every step of the way. Children are little for such a short time. And as crazy as they drive me, I wouldn't have it any other way.