I am beyond excited for this post because a) it's a costume one and b) it's an Emme post:) 
I love Halloween, but honestly I have a whole different kind of love for it now that I am a mom. I have a zillion and one ideas of what I want to dress up the kids as, except my son is 5 and he pretty much won't let me have my way when it comes to Halloween! He knows what he wants to be (a dinosaur) and that's that lol. Thankfully I have my Emme doll and for this year I knew one of her costumes had to be the Trolls! I've been a lover of trolls since I was a little girl. I had them, I loved them and I am so excited that they are back (movie comes out Nov. 4!). So when Target asked me to collaborate on a Halloween costume with Emme... I immediately said yes and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
I love Target for more than one reasons, just like the rest of us, I am always (but seriously ALWAYS!) there. So I knew this would be a fun and easy project for me. I had the Cat and Jack pom pom skirt in mind and I found it right away, at just $19.99 it's a great piece because you can use it over and over again. I got really lucky and found the only Trolls wig in my store, but you can also order it online. It's just $9.99! I swear I think I literally squealed with joy when I saw the wig, I am so extra when it comes to things I am excited about, especially for the kids. I live for this cute little costume right now. It was easy, adorable and on trend. To give the costume more detail you can add diamond shape belly button to the nude tank to bodysuit you decide to use. I simply cut out a neon pink cardboard and attached it with double sided tape. And to give even a cuter touch, I gave Emme peachy rose cheeks and of course she had to be barefoot, just like the original Trolls. 
I can't wait for the movie and I am already planning on the Trolls dolls I am getting for them - they have the plush ones and the original ones and so much cute Trolls merch at Target right now! 
And because you know I loves deals... here are some great deals going on this week:
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Happy shopping!