For my first Foodie Friday... I have to admit... things didn't turn out as expected [insert monkey face covering his eyes here] I was so excited about my very first Foodie Friday and I decided to make a super simple salad recipe I had seen on Pinterest a few weeks ago. Well it was so easy I didn't think I could mess it up... I snapchatted it and all. And it totally didn't turn out as delicious as I thought it would be. And I had to make a whole other dinner option that night. The ideas was to make this Roasted Garlic Pasta Salad which I had pinned a few weeks back. I finally had bought my ricotta cheese so I was ready for action. I didn't have spinach but I figured it didn't matter (or did it?!) I went on and made the salad and truthfully it just seemed to me that the ricotta cheese was so overpowering; and I love ricotta cheese! 
I debated on whether or not posting about it on here and my husband said it best: "this is why people love you because you are real and this is real so write about it!" So as usual I listened to him. After my pasta fail, it just didn't taste as amazing as I imagined, though it made for pretty pictures, I went ahead an made a really simply dinner which I should have stuck to... my original idea. 
I ended up making baked potatoes stuffed with tuna (from a can!) and salsa de cebolla or pico de gallo as some of us call it too. It was so good and it reminded me that sometimes I just have to stick to what I know and let my ideas shine through. Have you guys ever had a Pinterest recipe fail? This is truthfully my first one and I am sorry for a disappointing first Foodie Friday but this is as honest as I can get folks. Not to worry, next Friday you can expect a Lola Blue Style original. Haha!