I always have the hardest time finding shorts that fit me well. I proved that theory once again last week when I went shopping. They are typically either too tight on the butt, too short, too lose on the waist.. they just don't fit well. So whenever I find a pair that I love I grab them faster than I can even think. That was the case with these super cute beige, bohemian shorts. I got them at TJMaxx a couple of weeks ago and I love them. I've already wore them a couple of times and I love who casual and still stylish they are. I paired them with this knitted fringe top and gladiator sandals... love the casual and relaxed vibe of this summer look. I've worn all of these pieces more than I would like to admit actually. Whenever I find a good comfy set of items, I wear them again and again. 
Fringe Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: TJMaxx | Sandals: c/o Mari A. | Bag: Marc Jacob
My tip is to stick to neutral basics whenever you find a piece of clothing that you normally have a hard time getting. In this case my shorts are a neutral beige, so that I can wear them over and over in different ways. You can mix it up with florals, polar dots, stripe tops... button downs, the possibilities are endless when it comes to nude and neutral colors. 
I hope you are all enjoying this New Jersey heat wave... I for one, decided not to complain because come those harsh winter months I will be dreaming of this humidity! Ha! Trust. Xo