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I’ve always described my style as classic with a trendy twist. I love trends, I really do, but there is nothing like the fabulosity of classic pieces in your wardrobe. One of my favorites are trendy pieces that almost feel like classics, and that’s exactly how I feel about the off-the-shoulders trend. It is such a feminine, sexy but still classy look, and, honestly, I am obsessed with it this season. 

For today’s post, I teamed up with Cotton, the Fabric of Our Lives®, to share my style when wearing cotton pieces. To be honest, and you all know this, comfort is key when it comes to style. Whether I am running around with the kids or out with friends, at dinner with the hubby or doing just about anything, I feel most confident when I am comfortable in what I am wearing—and there is nothing like a confident woman. Which is why I believe checking fibers and materials on clothing labels truly matters. You won’t believe how many pieces of your wardrobe are made of mostly cotton. Trust me: I did the research on my own closet. Cotton is soft, breathable and still fashionable. When choosing my outfit for today, it was actually pretty simple. I have a lot of cotton pieces in my closet (who knew!) and this top is one of my latest and best purchases this summer. I’ve already worn it more than a couple of times, and I know you guys will love it. So I chose this all-white look for today’s outfit post. I love the flowy, airy and feminine look of it. I always gravitate toward cotton-rich materials when shopping without even knowing it.
Next time you are out shopping, I encourage you to check your labels. I can guarantee that your favorites will be cotton-rich and you had no idea. While working on this campaign, I learned that a majority of the pieces in my closet are made of mostly cotton. Whether they are high-end pieces or more affordable items, I seem to always go for the natural, rich and soft fabrics. Most of us think of cotton as t-shirts, leggings and socks, but truly you will be surprised at how many clothing pieces and even home items you may have in your closets and throughout your home that are made from cotton.
I hope you guys enjoyed today’s outfit post. Thank you for your constant love and support, which makes this blog successful. Have a fabulous week!
Fashion that functions is always in style. That’s why so many things in your closet are made of cotton. It’s breathable, durable, comfortable, and washable. It’s high end and low maintenance. So check your labels for cotton, and feel as good as you look. Learn more:

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