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Amigas! It's finally Friday and I am not sure on whether a hug, a drink or a nap... probably all three! This week has been so busy and crazy and I have so much on my agenda for the next few days already. As a mom of two little ones I am constantly sharing tips on I try to make life a little easier and organized. Running a full time business from home, caring for the kids, cooking, cleaning and playing mom, wife, nurse, teacher and so much more definitely has it's down side. 
No matter what aspect of my life I am trying to tackle I always go for the product or brand that makes my life easier and more efficient. Which is why for today's post I partnered with Munchkin once again to share how the LATCH baby bottle makes my life easier. 
If you all remember, I breastfed Emme for a little over 6 months and it was a very rewarding time for me but also exhausting. If you are currently a breastfeeding mom, or plan to breastfeed, you may want to keep reading... 
Breastfeeding is truly a journey and not everyone is successful and that's ok, as long as you are happy and baby is happy, trust me, everyone will be happy. I recommend that you ease the transition from breast to bottle very early on. I was a lot more happy and relaxed when Emme started to drink her breastmilk from the bottle as oppose to being on my boob all day every day. Mamas, it's a job and a half and I commend and vow to those moms who exclusively boob feed because I have no idea how you keep sane. All props to you! I preferred bottle feeding and for us it worked. The baby was happy and mama was happier. Don't get me wrong for the first couple of weeks, I breastfed exclusively, so that Emme would get very used to the boob and my milk. After that time my hubby was able to help with night feedings since I had transitioned over to the LATCH baby bottle. And truthfully we were all happy. 
Now a days, my little princess is beautiful and healthy, she is getting so big and I love to think back to those memories. My husband and I constantly think back to those crazy long nights  in our other house when Emme was born. It was a crazy-beautiful time in our lives. We had 2 bedrooms, Ben was sleeping in our room, we would take turns feeding Emme in Ben's room... it was nuts. But it was so us. So beautiful really. I am such a sap! Oh memories, they constantly get the best of me. 
As you guys can see she is still using the LATCH bottle, we love the line, the nipple mimic the mom's breast and Emme is a happy camper. I wonder if it brings back any memories. 
If you are a new mom or mama to be I encourage you to add the LATCH line to your registry. The bottles are easy to clean (major points for this!), the transition from breast to boob is easy and seamless with this line. The nursing pads are 5x thinner and 3x more absorbent than your average nursing pads, you will be using these everyday! And even the pump brush was designed with breastfeeding mamas in mind. I still use mine and we always have some as back up. It's honestly the best bottle brush we've used. 
You will be able to get your activities done with peace of mind. Whether that's yoga, exercising, cooking, working from home (like me!) because you can rely on the LATCH line to let you have peace of mind knowing that your baby will have calm and smooth feedings. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, as always thank you for your constant support. It's because of you that posts like these are successful. Thank you for trusting me and my opinions. Have a great weekend! 
And happy father's day to all those amazing loving papas!

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