Summer days make my life better. Seriously. The sunshine, the heat, the ice cream truck song and the time we spend outside really makes life better... It's good for my soul!
We had a pretty chill weekend and it was perfect. We had a birthday party on Saturday and date night later on that day. It's so important to make time for your significant other, it truly recharges my energy and makes my heart really happy to be able to spend time with my husband, alone. 
I feel like I owe you guys a little explanation for my absence last week. I never take more than a couple of days off from the blog and last week I decided to take the entire week to myself and my family. Truth is I wasn't feeling well. Tuesday at around 3am I woke up with dizzy spells that landed me at the local Medemerge at around 8am later that morning. After more than a few blood exams, urine test, EKG and even vision test. My blood work came back good, thankfully. After following up with my private doctor, she diagnosed me with vertigo. And to be honest guys, I had been quite anxious and nervous all of last week. Nervous and scared of it happening again. I was so dizzy I couldn't even open my eyes, it scared me so much. Being a mom of two little ones isn't easy and having vertigo doesn't make it any better. So my doctor told it may never happen again or it may. I have been praying day in and day out for it not to happen again, especially because of my children. After taking the break last week, I feel refreshed and happy to have enjoyed such a nice and beautiful weekend. Thank you all so much that messaged me on Snapchat  (lolabluestyle) and for your loyal support and love. 

Summer makes everything so much better and I hope this was just a one time episode and that God grants me long health to be able to care for my kids and enjoy our days without worry and anxiety over what can happen. I am sure some of you mommies understand. 
Here are some pics of our weekend... we love lounging in the yard and especially the porch... I'm sure going to miss these summer days once winter arrives. 
But for now, you can find us enjoying our dainty porch in our little home. 
Hope you guys have a fabulous week! xo.