Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know how obsessed I am with my daughter. She is often featured on my Instagram with her pretty honey colored haired and gorgeous light eyes. She is my muse, my best friend and everything sugar and spice... She has been my dream baby girl ever since I could remember. I love dressing her up and sharing her outfits of the day, which I always hashtag with #EmmeBabyStyle, I love looking back at how much she has grown over the past year and a half. Sometimes I wish I could just put her in a glass jar and keep her there forever. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful sight to see her develop a feisty personality, I swear us Latinas are just born with it, and I love styling her. I love to dress her super stylish and cute but still like a child. There are so many small business brands that I love and for today's post I wanted to share a really cool black and white outfit Emme recently wore.

Whenever possible I like to recycle just about anything, so when it comes to Ben's clothes, I like to keep all of my faves and some definitely get passed down on to Em, which was the case with this super cool and chic tee from Slyfox Threads. I bought it for Ben a couple of years ago and love to see it on Emme now. I love unisex pieces! It was a bit of a cool day so I added her knee high toast socks from Spearmint Baby for a funky cool look and topped it off with rose gold sandals from Zara. 
I think it's so much fun to dress up and create cute little looks for babies, whenever I have extra time in the morning, I play around with her looks and this one has got to be one of my favorites. 
I hope you are having a great week and thank you for constantly showing my baby girl so much love through my social media posts and on here. Now on to making phonebooks, I am so behind on them I swear my anxiety kicks in when I know I have piles of pictures that I need to print or put into books.  I use Snapfish, and no this is not a sponsored post;) Another fave is Chapbooks, even though I have no idea how I got kicked off and haven't received my monthly book in forever. Anywho, I went off on a totally different direction there. Have a fun week! Follow me on Snapchat for a peek into our routines.