Getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend can be fun... especially if you live on the East Coast like me. Long winters really leave us craving for hot temps more than you can imagine! It's the official start to summer, the beaches and pools open and basically we are just happy to have steady temperatures of over 70 degrees. Living in New Jersey it can get pretty humid by the time summer pops in and one of my must-haves in my beauty routine is a great deodorant. So today I am excited to partner with Dove, one of my favorite beauty brands to show you what my essentials are this MDW.
 You guys know my obsession with Dove in general. I've mentioned it a few times before that we use the body wash, beauty bar and dry spray here in our house.
I truly feel like if I forget to apply deodorant, (which has happened to me!), I am missing something and I feel so uncomfortable and a lot less confident. I remember I even used to carry a travel size deodorant in my car. The truth is that by the time I step out the door, making sure I have everything for B and Em, I come last in the line of priorities when leaving the house. 
Dove conducted a survey and the results were interesting - I am not the only one who A) forgets her deodorant and B) who feels less than confident if I do happen to forget it in the morning. 
Did you know that Latinas ranked their deodorant as one of their most important beauty products because it makes them feel the most confident! My deodorant for share is up there with my mascara in my beauty arsenal.
If you follow me on Insta or if you've seen my monthly favorites on YouTube, you've seen my favorite; the Dove Dry Spray. Well I've been using Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant for the past couple of weeks and Dove just never seems to fail me. I invite you to make the #EssentialUpgrade and try the Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant, it comes in 15 different fragrances, it offers 48 hours of odor and wetness protection and the NutriumMoisture formula, leaves your underarm skin feeling smooth and fresh.