(Caught taking pics of the kids)
Happy Monday-ish... (it's really Tuesday guys)!
Can I get a do-over of the holiday weekend? The past few days were definitely a reality versus expectations for us. We started off with a fabulous mini vacay that I planned for my family and I, totally last minute but still we were going to have a blast... or so I thought. 
We left to Long Branch Beach on Wednesday morning and were supposed to come back Friday evening... well that all took a turn when B didn't feel so well... we ended up in the hospital, down the shore. And while that totally sucked I was happy we were close enough to our house to be able to get him back into his comfort zone. He ended up having a stomach bug, he threw up about 7 times while we were down the shore. My poor baby, he was so excited for the beach, he adores the beach... he loves to play in the sand with his trucks. Of course, the next day, as expected he was 100% better and happy... but now we were back home. So we made the best of it and had the kids play outside and in their kiddie pool and just were grateful it wasn't anything worse. My expectation was a fabulous mini staycay for 3 days with my family, lots of sun, food and memories, that didn't happen but I am just grateful it was a little bug and nothing worse.We stayed at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa - if you haven't been, I totally recommend you stay there, it's so pretty and the staff is wonderful. They were so sweet they are holding our 2 nights for any other week so that we don't lose them considering the unexpected emergency we had with B. 
So we are going back but this time sans kids! I need some adult time asap. 
The kids are doing well, they both have had a bit of diarrhea, sorry guys, just reality of a parent! But they are in great spirits and happy. It made the weekend a little different than I had planned but still we made it the best we could and what is even better... I got to go back to the beach with one of my bestie for some girl time... and it was everything that I needed. Yup, no kiddies! Yay for me:) 

I just wanted to pop in and say hi! We are getting back into regularly programming this week, thanks for your patience while I have been a little MIA around here, honestly just trying to get back into the groove. Hope you guys had a great weekend and that we all took time to remember the real reason for Memorial Day and to thank to our veterans for our freedom. 
Happy unofficial beginning of summer babes!