Seems like we are finally getting hit with gorgeous and steady weather. We had such nice temperatures over the weekend and today it is gorgeous out. I am ready for some steady spring weather... I wore this super cute bodysuit yesterday to go out on a little impromptu dinner date with my hubs. It was a super casual thing so I wore my favorite H&M ripped jeans and some studded flats. 
I am all about the bodysuits, this one specifically is from Topshop and I love it. The fabric is super comfy and soft and I can't get enough of the detail on the rib-cage area. It got a little chilly later on in the night so I wore a furry sweater over it and it felt like the perfect weekend outfit. Whenever I am in doubt I always go for black, it's easy and you can totally mix it up with different pieces. 

Bodysuit: Topshop | Pants: H&M | Sandals: c/o Mari A. | Bag: H&M

I've been on a little bit of a funk lately, not sure what it is... so this date night was definitely needed and very much appreciated. I think all of us go through it at some point or another... beautiful weather always cheers me up so cheers to a hot and gorgeous holiday week.... I
 am still narrowing down things to do this Memorial Day weekend... hoping my plans work out. 
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