Disclaimer: These pictures were at 7:30 in the morning. In pjs before school, as real as it got.
A few weeks ago I attended the Johnson's Baby No More Tangles (#TangleTalk) event at the ultra fab and ubber adorable Milk + Cookies Kids Spa and Salon in New York City. We had such a fun morning and I was so happy to learn about a few tips and tricks on how to make my mornings easier when back to school time came! Well, time flew and fast forward to today! My son is already on his fourth day of Pre-K 4 at his new school. It's safe to say he is L O V I N G it. 
And I am jumping for joy! I was  little nervous for him (as all mother's are) but mostly just excited.
Last week, he had his first two days, which were pretty much practice runs for the kiddos. They all had a super laid back Thursday and Friday, but it was back to business yesterday (Tuesday) after a fun and long holiday weekend! 
Mornings have been a lot more hectic, but mostly just longer because we are waking up a whole hour earlier. But even though it gets chaotic from time to time, it's all going much better than I anticipated.
I have to give credit where credit is due... my husband is amazing. But I have some go to products and tips I use to make mornings as smooth as they can be with a toddler and a baby. 
Here is how my mornings typically go...
Our morning today started at 6am, Emme woke up, I fed her, she went back to sleep, at 6:30am I was answering emails, by 7:15 I was upstairs waking Ben up with some annoying mommy kisses. Thankfully he still loves them! 
I dressed him in bed... I clearly remember when my mom would do the same for me. She would let me stay in bed as long as possible. Moms are the sweetest. 
He brushed his teeth... then mama came to brush again just to be sure. Mommies, it's important to let them brush so they learn but you can go in there a second time to be sure they got it all right.
We were downstairs by 7:25, he got to play with the baby for a bit in the playpen (he loves getting in there with her and it gives me some time off) while I made breakfast for him. He finished his food and we went straight to his hair. My son has always had a ton of hair. From the moment he was born he had his own little signature side part hair style. I am so serious! I use Johnson's Baby No More Tangles Detangling Spray first and then finish off with a styling gel. You may think, hair styles for boys are oh! so easy but let me share with you that this is not always the case.
For example, Ben has really thick hair just like his mama! So I like to use the detangling spray so it is nice and smooth and the smell is a win-win. I love that Johnson's Baby is a trusted brand. They are affordable and most of all effective. It is safe on both of my children and there is a spray, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and more... for everyone. From curly to thick hair, you will definitely be as happy as I am with what you need for the kids. It truly makes my life so much easier. 
By 7:45 both my guys were out the door... he made prayers at school on time today! You know we felt accomplished! 
Mornings are far from perfect... between my slow-moving 4 year old and my hungry and clingy 7 month old, it gets hectic here. But I always relay on making my life easier by using products and techniques that work best for us... because I've learned to simply: pick my battles.
This post is sponsored by Johnson's Baby. As always all opinions are my own.