Can you believe I am almost 33 weeks pregnant and we still hadn't selected a car seat and stroller set!? You guys, I tell you, after the first child, things are not the same. Life gets crazier with each kid and the timelines during pregnancy are so different. Nonetheless, we needed a car seat/stroller so we headed to Bambi Baby to make our selection and test out some products. 

To be honest, even though this is our third baby, I feel like a new mom because it's been 5 years since my last baby was born. There are so many new baby products and brands these days, that it can feel overwhelming. I've heard so many amazing things about the inventory and mostly the reputable service at Bambi Baby, that we decided to head over and I'm so happy that we did. 

If you are a mom or mom-to-be, chances are that you've heard of Bambi Baby at least once in your lifetime, especially if you are in New Jersey/New York. Bambi Baby has been a staple baby store here in the tri-state area for years and with time they have revolutionized the baby world becoming the preferred baby store destination for all moms and moms-to-be and now I know exactly why. 
Bambi Baby prides itself in their impeccable service and VIP treatment and of course, having the best selection of top notch baby items. From the moment we pulled into the store - yes, literally, pulled our car into the showroom - we felt like we were getting the royal treatment. We visited the Paramus, NJ location and I fell in love! The aesthetics are so pleasing to the eye and it doesn't feel as overwhelming as other stores at all. The selection was amazing and Enelio (owner) was so informative and patient during our one-on-one visit. He answered all our questions and I felt super confident that we made the right selection for our new baby. Honestly, I've never experienced this kind of service. 
One of the coolest parts of our visit was the Car Seat Center, you are able to get your car seat installed right on the spot and for free! Enelio showed us exactly how to use our new car seat and installed it for us. Honestly, it made me feel so good to know the car seat was installed properly and safely for baby. No other store does that. They even have a stroller repair shop on site. They thought of everything to make our lives a breeze. 
I received so many DM's this week when I shared I would be stopping by the store, all amazing messages. I would 100% recommend you drop in and check it out or you book a one on one at any of their 4 locations throughout NY/NJ. If you are not in the areas, you can always shop Bambi Baby online too. I am genuinely so happy with our experience and can't wait to go back for a crib. We haven't picked a crib since we don't know what gender the baby is and both styles are like are very gender specific, so we will wait for now.  
I hope this post helps you guys and inspires you to shop at Bambi Baby, trust me you'll thank me later! For now... I'm off to Instagram to share a few stories from our visit. See you there!
Thank you Bambi Baby for partnering with me for this post. In full transparency, I received baby products in exchange for this review. As always, all opinion are my own. Thank you for supporting me and reading.