DIY Family Photoshoot? Yes, please! Last weekend we did a last minute family shoot at a local beach and to be honest it was short and sweet, zero stress and I love the shots we got. We had originally scheduled a professional photoshoot a couple of weeks ago but I had a little pregnancy scare and had to cancel last minute. At this point, we have so much going on that a last minute shoot sounded like perfection.

So whether you don't have a budget for family photos - they can be pretty pricy sometimes - or you simply enjoy DIY anything... this post is for you! I'm so happy with our photos and can't wait to print them and display them around the house.

Here are five ways to save money and still get some pretty nice shots during a family photoshoot:

Tip No. 1:

Ask a friend or relative that you trust or that has an eye for photography to shoot your pics. Or you can always shoot with a tripod and remote! It's actually super easy and you can have full control. I asked my cousin and she was able to capture these sweet images.

Tip No. 2:

We used my Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR with a 50mm lens for these but you can pretty much use an iPhone these days and get some really nice quality photos too. I say test the shots first. Select a location and shoot some pics at the time you desire for lighting and location purposes. We shot these at around 7-7:30 pm in June.

Tip No. 3:

Editing makes a worlds difference! I used Lightroom for these and was able to adjust the colors to my liking. I love Lightroom, it makes photos so much more beautiful. In my opinion, editing is everything.

Tip No. 4:

Coordinate your outfits but don't get too crazy over them. Over the years I've learned to not strive for perfection with family photos because kids are kids... and you'll be stressing more than it's worth. As you can see, we are coordinated and matching tones but not exactly the same prints or colors. I made sure the kids were extra comfortable and well fed lol!

Tip No. 5:

Have fun! Sure we "pose" for some pics but the best shots are always the ones we are just hanging out talking and laughing. The kids had so much fun on the sand and we were able to capture that on camera. Don't make your expectations too high, just go with the flow. Trust me! I've done many shoots, pro and not... and the best is to let it go and have fun!

I hope these 5 tips helped you and please DM or tag me if you decided to do your own DIY family photoshoot! I'd love to see!