Surprise! Do you guys like the blog's new look? I figured we would make it a fun intro by also sharing 10 facts about me that you didn't know already. While chatting with a friend last week, I told her about a random fact (see #3 below) and she was like "omg you should post about it, that's so cool!" So a week later here we are, I figured I would share a little list of facts about me that I haven't share in the past. Personally, I love to read these about other people so I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you can relate. Here we go:


1. I was born in Miami. I lived there for the first 3 months of my life. Then raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador until I was 10 years old. I have the fondest memories of my childhood. 

2. When I came from Ecuador in 1993 I did not know a word of English. So I was an ESL student. 

3. I was a spelling bee champion, yup by the time I got to 8th grade I knew English so well that I participated in the school Spelling Bee and won. 'Till this day I am such a spelling freak, it's a pet peeve of mine actually. My trick is (still) that I pronounce English words in Spanish in my head and that's how I memorize how to spell them. Spanish will always have my heart! 

4. I don't have any tattoos. Boring right? I still think of getting a mini one day, just to say I have. YOLO vibes. 

5. When I was heartbroken my mom sent me to Ecuador to recharge and keep my mind off it. I ended up partying so hard that I flew back hungover AF and it was the worse flight of my life because I felt like I was going to die from that hangover.

6. I was super shy as a child. So shy, I wouldn't leave my mom's lap. It wasn't until high school that I found my confidence (per say) but I clearly remember being shy all throughout elementary school and middle school. Not sure how I ended up here, sharing photos of myself and being this confident and secure but I love it. 

7. The reason I am an only child is because my mom couldn't have any more children. She had placenta previa and bled so much when giving birth to me that they asked her to choose her life or mine... she chose mine, thanks to God we both lived. But she couldn't have any  more children.

8. Dave broke up with me a year after we started dating... because I was "too clingy". He texted me saying how he "was crazy to think he could live without me" 3 days later and clearly I took him back, should've made him suffer! Bahahaha. 

9. I had post part depression when I had Ben. It wasn't too deep or too much but I clearly remember always being flustered and overwhelmed an crying over the dumbest of things. It was hard at the beginning and back then (only 7 years ago) not many people talked about it. I wish they had. 

10. I have a potty mouth. Not a proud feature at all but I try and fail miserably at changing it... but I continue to try and one day I will not be such a sailor. But I never curse in front of my mom! lol so strange. 
Yup, I am sure you wouldn't have guessed many of these, right? I posted some other facts last summer, you are welcome to check them out here. Hope you enjoyed this fun post, I love these types of post. Getting to know you guys better is always as highlight and I hope this little facts I am sharing, allow you to know me a little better too. 

Un abrazo,