So the hubby turned 40 and really wanted a little getaway instead of a party. The goal for this year was to take as many road trips as we could and Rhode Island was on the list. I put together a long weekend getaway to Newport, Rhode Island and we had the best time! It was 4 couples and we drove down to RI Friday morning and came back Sunday night. Honestly, it was perfect. An extra day would've been the cherry on top, actually. A lot of you wanted some information on the house we rented so here is a travel guide on what we did on our Rhode Island weekend.


If you are looking for a simple way to rent a getaway house, check out the HomeAway app. I love the this app, so that was a no brainer for me. I love how user-friendly it is and especially that you can see the reviews right on the app. So we rented our lake house through HomeAway and I couldn't be happier with the process. It was easy and stress-free. We rented a gorgeous 3 floor house right on a lake... to say it was stunning is not enough. Check out my IG highlights under "Rhode Island" to see. It was located in Portsmouth - about 15 minutes outside of Newport and it was perfect. Our landlord was amazing and I love that she even had a "house manual" along with a bottle of wine and hand written note for us when we got there! If you are looking to plan a getaway near or far, you should absolutely check out this app. If you are interested in the exact house I stayed in, please email me byerikabatista @ gmail dot com. I'll be happy to send you the direct link. 


I planned a simple but fun weekend, I even made this cheesy itinerary which I printed and put in each each couple's bedroom along with a little welcome gift. I wanted to be sure I could make everyone happy and also have some super chill time while getting to tour Newport a s much as we could in 2 days. 

Dave and I got there first on Friday, so I made a delicious Ecuadorian dinner for everyone coming in that night. I knew they'd be tired from the 4 hour drive so we had dinner, drinks and played games that night. We had the best time! 

On Saturday morning, my sister in law and her hubby cooked us all an amazing breakfast. It was exactly what we all needed. The house was on a beautiful lake and they had kayaks so we put them to good use before heading out to Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co. that evening. I found this super dope distillery in Newport while searching on Google. I booked a private tour for our group and we got to taste the crafted beer and spirits. If you are looking for a super cool brewery, check out their Instagram for a look at this cool spot. 

After the brewery we attempted to have dinner at Brick Alley Pub, which looks so chic and nice and had amazing reviews online. I am so sad to say we were not able to be seated that night and they did not take reservations:( We actually had dinner at this spot that was recommended to me called The Red Parrot and truthfully I did not like it at all! And it wasn't only me. I would NOT recommend it. 
On Sunday, we had another amazing breakfast at the house. I loved that this house was so comfortable and we were able to lay around and chill by the fire... the guys did kayaking and then we headed out to Cliff Walk, which was also recommended to me (a hundred times lol) and it was totally worth it and a must see! The walk was beautiful, so serene and just a stunning view. The mansions were out of this world... it's definitely a cool spot to visit and I definitely recommend it. 

After the walk, we ate a this spot called Diego's at Newport Wharf Marina... and you guys, please do yourself a favor and go! Have a  mango margarita and the chicken tacos, because you will thank me!!! I' m still salivating over it!!! The reviews did not lie... I went after seeing how much people loved it. Not only is it in a cool area at the marina... it's a super cute 2 floor restaurant with bars indoor and outdoors. And then we shopped afterwards. I got myself and the kids a couple of tees and some salt water taffys for my mom and aunts back home:) 
Thank you all so much for recommendations... I loved Rhode Island and would love to go back in the spring. I am excited to plan another road trip... renting a house with a group of people is so much fun too. We already have our next trip planned in November and I can't wait! 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this little travel guide. I am trying to make these as detailed as possible and as friendly as possible to read and enjoy while envisioning yourself there too:) Have fun planning and don't forget to message me if you have questions.