When I turned 30 some four years ago, my grays went wild! I knew I didn't want to dyw my hair so here is how I cover gray hair without dye! My grays started coming out of the wood works and I started pulling each and every one. I know girl, I knoooow I shouldn't but I did. But then I got smart and I found the perfect solution without having to dye my hair every 6 weeks. Honestly, even when I had blonde hair and highlights I hated going to the hair salon for hours. It's not my thing... and to top that, it's very costly! I haven't dyed my hair in so long that I am perfectly happy not doing so now, so here is what has worked for me.
That's when I discovered L'Oreal Root Touch Up and it was life changing. I just want to share that this isn't sponsored, I just use this product so much and I know I am not the only one that feels this way about grays! You guys are like my online amigas and I wanted to share the magic!
Typically after I brush or style my hair, I spray the gray areas and voila! Problem solved. They have different colors for all tones of hair color. Some people even use it to cover bald spots! The bottle is just $9.99 at Target. The only concern is that if you touch it before it dries, it will get on your fingers but it doesn't stain:)

So there you have it my friends... this is the secret to how I cover my grays without dying my hair. Geri and I shot this in my office a few weeks ago and I love how she captured me perfectly as we were getting ready to head out to shoot a few looks.