You guys, it's 2018! I had a great time last night as I hosted New Year's Eve for my entire family, it was chaotic, loud and simply perfect, I feel so blessed. This morning I woke up and thanked God for the noise and mayhem, because thank God I have so many cousins and aunts and a healthy mom and
dad! I thanked God for the stress of preparing the food and making sure we had enough for everyone because we have food to prepare. I thanked God for Ben and Emme being wild and crazy the whole night because that means they are healthy and happy children.... and I thanked God for starting the year off with my entire 30+ family members under my roof, happy, healthy and cheerful.

It's a new year and I have to be honest... it's feeling great. I have a couple of meeting booked this week, getting back into the photoshoots and creating regular content for you guys and I have a list of brands I want to work with and a few booked campaigns that I can't wait to share. Most of all I am happy that we are still here, you guys, me, this blog... thank you! My vision board for 2018 is looking great and I am so happy to get those goals into place and into existence. 
And a little update... I know I've been MIA here for a couple of weeks... but I always like to take this time of year super easy, to enjoy my kids, my husband, my mom and this time, my two cousins from Miami. It's been an amazing few days. 

We started taking down Christmas decorations and honestly I am sad about it, December is such a magical month, I love making the house extra special for the kids. I hope they always remember this. My tree is still up, it's so beautiful.... but we've been storing all the rest of the decorations little by little. 

We are going on our first trip of 2018 in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to share this partnership with you guys. It's a really B I G one. It's truly a dream and I am so grateful and excited. As I shared on the last post, my part-time went from temp to perm!!! God is great, this gives me a little extra cash to feel more financially stable. Blogging can vary from month to month so of course that means the cash flow has it's ups and downs. So having this permanent part time is truly a blessing. God is good!