There are only a few hours left to 2017 and I had a chance to sit down and write this post. I'm hosting New Year's Eve this year and I have two cousins from Miami staying with me:) so I've been extra busy with family and lovin' it. There's nothing like time spent with family... I even had a "vision
board" night last night so that I can encourage my cousins to create their own vision board. We had some wine, some laughs and chatted the night away while creating our vision boards for 2018.

While reflecting back on my year, I am very happy to share that most major goals for 2017 were accomplished. I truly believe in vision boards and the law of attraction, it's worked for me several times throughout the years, but mostly I always have faith in God that he will help me achieve the goals that are meant for me and mine. 

Here are some things I had on my vision board that came into fruition this year. I wanted to share it with you in hopes of inspiring you to create a vision board for the new year. You don't have to do it now or tomorrow even, I created mine a couple of weeks in to January!


One of my big goals for 2017 was getting a bigger car that was more comfortable for me and my family. After test driving the Mazda CX-5 in August for a week during our road trip to Pennsylvania, Dave and I fell in love. So on November 1st, we got out new car! If you're looking for a comfortable, reliable and most of all safe SUV, check out the CX-5. 


You remember our April Disney trip right? Well that was one of my main goals for the year and I am so happy I was able to accomplish that for our little family. We had such an amazing time and I cannot wait to go back. 


One way to gain exposure for the blog and social media accounts is being featured on IG accounts or  magazines. I had clipped on a picture of Latina Magazine on my vision board. I wasn't featured on their print but I did work with Latina on a FB Live segment where we talked about co-sleeping! And even though I wasn't featured on this actual magazine, I was featured on Forbes (.com) not once but twice! 


I recently shared that I started working part-time temporarily and if you look at the photo below you can see that also was on my board. And today I am happy to share that though this part-time was meant to be only for a couple of months, I was offered a permanent position! God is so good:) And now worries I will still be blogging as usual!!


If you look at my vision board this year, you will find a lot of motivational quotes and messages. I placed those there in hopes to get rid of my anxiety. And I have to say that even though I still get an episode every once in a while... it's been an amazing year in that department. Health, thank you Jesus for my health, I am so grateful from the deepest bottom of my soul. I am happy to share the entire year was great for my little family, including my mom who (if you guys remember) had a stroke 3 years ago. 
There are no words to explain how amazing it feels to see my goals become a reality. It blows my mind how life works and how when you really put your head on to something, you can truly make it a reality. But all in all my friends, the glory is His, I thank God everyday for mine and my family's health, that's the foremost... the happiness, work, peace, I make that happen with a lot of determination, patience and hard work. 

Thank you guys for an amazing 2017, may this new year bring you health, love and happiness! Without you I am no a blogger, I owe this all to you and your loyalty and your love. Your comments and likes and DM's make my days. I love the connection we have and I hope this new year will be filled with great accomplishments and a lot of love.