January was such a great month for me you guys and tonight I feel so grateful. Looking back at the past four weeks makes me feel really great about the year ahead. Even though it's only been a month into the year, I am really focusing on achieving my goals, both long term and short term.
It's important to set realistic goals... daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals. And I'll tell you why...

Two weeks into January we headed down to Walt Disney World... a partnership that I could only dream of a few years ago. I remember when I started the blog in 2011, without any expectations and no set plan, just for fun and as a hobby. Today I am happy to be able to mix my family life with my work life. I never take this for granted. Disney was on my vision board in 2017, I was originally supposed to work with Disney in October but Hurricane Irma occurred and we got postponed to January.

I cannot say it enough, write down your goals, make a vision board, say your affirmations and PRAY. Things will start to happen. Not only did we get a partnership with Disney but I also was offered a permanent part-time position for an amazing company as Marketing assistant. You guys, I get chills when I think about it. That was a big goal for me last year and I honestly didn't think it would happen just because my requisites where somewhat particular due to my schedule with my kids and wanting to be present in their lives as much as possible while also continuing to work on my brand. But prayer is powerful and He always listens. 

In college I graduated with a degree in Marketing... I was never able to use that degree until now. How crazy is life? I worked in Accounting for a long long time... and today all the pieces to my puzzle are lining up. God is so great. I feel so humbled and so grateful. I have a great part-time position working for a great company doing what I love and what I went to school for. 

Today, I inked a contract for a rate could only dream of last year... but I've worked my butt off and deserve it. And I am happy the brands I work with are able to see the quality of my content and the worth of my influence. I am 100% confident in the work I put out; in my photos, in my content and in my influence with my loyal following. There's so much that goes into blogging and social media and I am happy to share that I closed the month with a third fulfilled goal in January. 
The reason I wanted to share all this with you tonight is to give you an update on what's been going on and also to hopefully inspire you to never give up on your goals and dreams. Mostly, pray and ask God or guidance. I hope that you are enjoying these past few posts. I love sharing inspirational words, blogging tips and mostly my real life struggles. I love getting your messages and knowing that my little posts help you in different ways. It's truly fulfilling and the main reason why I do what I do and continue to strive to be better and educate myself to grow each day. 

Let's make February another amazing month. Let's crush our goals and get that schmoney!!! 
All the love and positive vibes...