You guys, the past 6 days have been amazing, there is truly nothing like family and spending the past fews days with my cousins has truly been a blessing. My cousin (like a brother!) got married on Sunday and this special event brought my entire family together for such a special weekend. We had
family come from Ecuador and Miami and I had the pleasure of having three of my cousins stay at my house for the weekend. Honestly, it felt so good to spend so much time with all of my family. 

The really exciting (and a little stressful!) part was that we (hubby and kids) were all in the bridal party and though it was crazy busy, it was so nice to be part of such a big day in my cousin's life. The events started early on the week, so I was super busy since last Wednesday... the rehearsal dinner was on Thursday and everything else followed after that. The wedding turned out beautiful and the party was a friggin' blast, everyone was so happy and you could feel the love and joy in the room that night. I am so blessed to be a part of my huge, crazy, dramatic but always so loving and supportive family, I am who I am because of them. It honestly made my heart feel so whole. I miss them so much today but as life would have it... time to get back on track and the routine back in order. 

I was able to get through emails today and still going through a last few. Still getting my posting calendar in order for the rest of the week and also cleaning up this house! Yikes! So crazy but super worth it. I wanted to pop in here and say hi:) I will be sharing some pics on my Instagram, if you want to check those out a little later today. I am back and excited to carry on with blogging and work. ...One thing I learned the past few days is that nothing makes me happier than having all my loved ones around. Truly. Nothing compares. It's been amazing and I thank God for the opportunity to spend such an amazing few days with our entire family. 
Yesterday, I took my cousins from Miami and Ecuador to Liberty State Park, it was the perfect afternoon... we took so many photos and I took advantage and had my cousin snap a few of me for this post:) We then ended the night at Pier 13 in Hoboken,, if you haven't been I totally recommend it. It was about 15 of us and we had a blast, we laughed till we cried and our cheeks hurt. These are the memories, I'll never forget. Now, let's get back to our regularly scheduled programing!