Last December as I sat in my kitchen writing down my goals for the new year, I had divided them into personal goals and business goals. I'll keep my personal goals to myself... one of my business goals was
to rebrand and change the name of the blog. And I went back and forth with it for a while because I had no idea in what direction I was heading. Lola Blue Style was no longer me. The name at least. My blog has been through so much growth since I started it and I felt like rebranding was due. Do you know how many times people called me Lola? Or thought my name was Lola? lol... when in fact Lola is my 9 year old shih-tzu! Ha. And that's ok I love my Lola but I wanted a good change... I am a gemini after all. Lola Blue Style was the start of this blog and I am happy it ran its course for as long as it did, it had its season. But I felt like I needed a refresher and I knew in my heart that it was the right move. I had it very clear that wanted to use my own name and I knew I wanted it to be straight forward. Clean, chic and very me.

Originally the idea was to have ErikaBatista dot com but I went through a social media struggle for literally months. Long story short the handle is taken in pretty much all social channels and trying to negotiate became a headache. So I got to thinking of the next best thing... last week, and I said "you know what Erika, just jump in" And so I did. I figured By Erika Batista was a good alternative and still very: ME. And because I am always thinking ahead, it is also a great way to leave my brand open for future opportunities and it still has my name as the main feel of the blog. So I decided to go for it and jump right into it. And truly I am so happy with it. I changed the face of the blog, the colors and I think it's easier to navigate and more appealing to the eye. I hope you guys are loving it. 

Someway somehow every thing happens exactly when it's supposed to. I remember back in December I gave myself a June deadline and here I am June 7th and the blog is up and running with its new name. Whenever setting goals for yourself, make sure you give yourself deadlines... it adds some pressure and gives you more of a push. 

Not only is the new blog up in June but this is also my birth month:) I will be 33 next Tuesday; June 13. My 30's have brought on so many things I would have never imagined. Great things and not so great things. I remember I celebrated my birthday in Mexico and I was just about 8 weeks pregnant with Emme and no one knew. Since then, so much has happened in the last 3 years and truthfully I feel like I am a new ME. If I sat here and described it, it would never end but let's just say that I promised myself to live happy without making excuses and without feeling uncomfortable because of others. I live a good life, I have no riches and no luxuries but I live a good life and now that I am close to 33 there was like this awakening to live unapologetically happy. I am so grateful to God and so happy with my relationship to Him today. 

I've worked tirelessly right through my struggles with anxiety and I can now say I don't live in that anxious state on a daily basis. You guys have no idea what that means in my life. And I give all the glory to God. After that weight off my shoulders I started reevaluating my personal relationships and came to the realization that I will no longer put my happiness second. For far too long I worried about what people thought or what people felt which in turn left me drained. I gave too much of me to way too many people.  I expected everyone to show the same affection and love I showed them. That's not how life works. And that's when I realized that if I was going to live this life for me and mine then I had to start doing everything in my power to simply: be happy. Unapologetically. 

I feel like all of this comes full circle. New month (my month!) new me, new name, new look, new feelings. And honestly I like it. 

Thank you guys for all your love and continued support. I hope you like the new ME.