I remember when I started this blog back in November 2011, just 3 months after Ben was born, almost seems like a century ago. I didn't really know what I was doing and I never intended to make this blog a business. I just did it for fun whenever I had time. It is one of those things in my life that
simply came full circle for me and I'll tell you why... I was having a conversation with my husband the other night about where we are with our goals this year, and it got me thinking about how crazy life is and how perfect God's plan is. 

In college, I graduated with a degree in Marketing... but went on to get a full time job in Accounting after it, out of all things! And I hated math, always have and had to drop my accounting class twice in college! Finally passed after the help of a tutor haha. But because I was getting paid pretty ok for my age and experience I ended up staying at this company for about 8 years! True story. But everything happened so fast... the I had Ben and things changed, Dave and I decided I would only go back to work part time in order to spend time with Ben for the first year. I presented this proposal to my boss... and to my surprise, he agreed and opened up a new position just so I can have the part time I dreamed of so that I can spend time with my new baby at home. Best of both worlds! Believe me, I felt extremely lucky. During that part time, which began January 2012, I was writing this blog as a hobby. Fast forward to 2014 and that part time came to an end... and I was able to pursue blogging full time and put my love and effort into this profession but still not knowing where it would take me, I just felt it, I was nervous but I knew great things would come. It wasn't until recently that I realized that my Marketing degree came full circle when I pursued this blogging career full time. It eventually came full circle into my life... for many years I felt like that college degree didn't have a place in my life and today I am so proud of every bump on the road that took me to getting where I am today. 
God's plan is truly perfect. It gives me chills to see it unveil right in front of my face.
Today, I am happy and proud to say I run this blog and my brand on my own. All of the pitches, emails, contracts, photo editing, writing, social media, that is done on my own. As you guys know my husband takes 90% of my pictures and we are a solid team. But I've grown and changed and so has this blog.. and while I will always love Lola Blue Style I have decided to change the name of the blog. It's a little bittersweet to be honest. I've been thinking about it for quite some time now but honestly when I really really think about it, it makes me a little emotional (I am a sappy girl I know!) and besides that I haven't put aside enough time to rebrand the proper way.  Lola Blue Style actually started as Lola Blue, the Closet. And for those of you who don't know my name is not Lola, contrary to popular believe, haha, that's actually my shih-tzu's name. And blue? well I just loved how it sounded together. But that Erika is a different Erika today in so many ways. So much has happened in the passed almost SIX years since the day I opened my blogger account and I think it's time to refresh and revamp. The new name will not be anything extravagant or clever... I am leaning towards simply using my name. I am so proud of the person I have become and my name is the best representation of this blog, it's who I am and it's about my life. I am working on a few quirks with social media profiles on the back end but once I figure that out, the rebranding will come soon after. 

As I am writing this, it makes me a little emotional to think back at all the things that have happened since 2011. Not only that my son will be 6 years old this summer, that makes me cry happy tears and sad ones too... but also that my blog is 6 years old too! I think back to our first apartment when we started, on my old big laptop, to today where I have my very own little office, business cards (lol!) and an actual Macbook! 

My husband and my mom have been two of the most important people during these passed 6 years... without them helping me and supporting me every step of the way and encouraging me, I wouldn't be here. I still remember the days my hubby would leave work early just so I can make it to events in Manhattan... and my mom, changing her work schedule to stay with the kids so I can make time for work and work trips. It truly takes a village and mine is top notch. 

I've met amazing women through this platform and built some pretty strong friendships in the last couple of years. Ladies, you know who you are, your advice, support but mostly your love and loyalty means the world to me. I've also lost friendship and learned value lessons while at it. I have experienced things I never planned for and worked with brands that I never imagined. The opportunities I've encountered truly have made my life into what it is today. I've simply grown and changed and I feel that rebranding is the next step. Change is great and I am ready for it! 

So stay tuned for these changes, big news and more amazing partnerships this year. I thank God everyday for what I do, not everyone gets it but when you are passionate about what you do, there's no explaining things to people, it purely shows. Love you guys forever and ever.
  1. That is amazing Erika! I just started following your blog several months ago and as I have stated on IG, you really are an inspiration. It's not easy to be your own #Girlboss especially with two little ones but you have proven that it can be done and yes without the extra help, it probably wouldn't have happened or perhaps not as soon as it did. Congrats on the rebranding and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. Loved to read a little bit about your blogger story. Definitely inspiring for me. Yes, God's plans is truly perfect...always even if we don't see it! ;)

  3. So awesome Erika! Congratulations! I love your social media platforms (FaceBook, Twitter, IG) and your blog! Looking forward to your continual growth in this business that you are so passionate about ��. Cheers!!

  4. GuapĂ­sima. Me encanta el outfit