I am going to be really honest with you guys, I've had a couple of notes on my agenda since last week about things I want to write about but  honestly I am a bit out of the mood to write. That's the thing about blogging, it's so easy to throw topics and get ideas but to write an honest organic post is not as easy as it seems. As a blogger that depends on her daily work in order to get paid, I often find myself struggling between my writer's block and my creative mind. I am a very visual creative person and I have days (like today and yesterday!) where I can't seem to get my words in order. Originally I wanted to write about a new lipgloss I received that I truly love (not sponsored by the way!) but honestly that didn't happen. I had been sitting in front of my computer for hours earlier today and then it was 2:30pm; the time I pick up Ben from school... and there went my day.

The upside? It's a gorgeous day in New Jersey and by gorgeous I mean hot and humid at 95 degrees as I write this (5pm EST). I felt the need to come in here and say hello since I had been a little MIA from here since last week. I always have the blog in the back of my mind. And I feel this need to updated it weekly, if I ever don't I feel like something is missing. And even thought this post really has not point other than to let you guys know what is going through my mind right this second... I simply wanted to share that we all struggle with inspiration or writer's block at one point or another. 

So there you have it. No tips, no tricks, not OOTDs, no parenting 101, just me. In this MOOD AF. haha! Wishing I was in a pool chillin' just like this lady. Happy Wednesday babes!