The first workweek of 2017 is officially over. And truthfully I am happy it is. I feel like I needed this extra week to recover from all the December mayhem. I began the week feeling a little down and indecisive about what my next steps should be this year. As much as I wanted to be excited and positive in the first few days of the year, truth is, I was just exhausted. I have some general ideas of what my plans are but I couldn't focus for the life of me, everytime I sat down to actually write them and be more specific and clear with myself, I went blank. I took it slow this week, even though I was active here and on Instagram, I took some down time to re-evaluate my thoughts and start with a clean slate. I truly don't think that you have to wait for the end of the year or beginning of another to start fresh. It just has to be your moment and your time, when YOU are ready. So what, that it took me an extra 5-6 days to completely feel like I was ready to set my goals and new ideas. I learned that we all have different ways of handling things. 
Through prayer, the road started to seem more clear, I am referring to the blog. It's very easy to get caught up in a rut. And feel like you can't get out of it, not matter the new year, no matter how positive you are trying to be. A rut is a rut and the only thing that helped me was speaking to God from my heart. This week a few great things happened, I was able to see things clearer and plan my projects better. Outsourcing is key. As much as I want to do it all, I simply can't. So I am trying to outsource more, ask for help and take down time to enjoy it with those I love most. I think that's the only way to enjoy my life a little more and a little better. To take it easy. I can't do it all. But I can ask for help and in that way, achieve more. 
For me, I needed to take a little more time to reorganize my thoughts and ideas into the new year. I am happy to be here today, a few days later, with a more positive attitude and feeling a lot better. One of the quotes that really spoke to me was this one:
I love Cleo Wade. 
I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. We are getting more snow tomorrow and truthfully I am kind of excited about it. Always happens on the first snow fall... after that I am quickly over it!