I can't let go of the Christmas cheer. I miss it so much and though I am excited for a new year and to see what it has in store, I can't help but feel a bit nostalgic that Christmas is gone. December was a challenge for me, I wanted to do everything with the kids, from the Christmas craft party, to the light show, to of course pictures with Santa, baking cookies, Christmas photos, Elf on the Shelf and of course the perfect gifts! It was a lot and though it's January 4th now, I still feel somewhat exhausted. It feels like it was all a blur, it went by so fast. December was great, I love seeing how the kids enjoy it all but putting so much on my plate for no reason at all, took a toll on me. 
A big part of this is the fact that Emme hasn't been sleeping well for the passed month (she was sick after Thanksgiving and never went back to sleeping the same!) and truly it's driving us crazy, even still. I love sleep and I need my 8 hours of sleep otherwise I become unbearable. So our days have been full of highs and lows. And zero patience. Sleep is everything to me. I can't function without it, so I've been slow rolling and very tired but also trying to get things done. I was very happy to have completed all my campaigns right in time for 2016. I had 4 major projects to complete last week and did them and I was so proud of myself. I honestly knew I had to get it done but didn't think I would be able to do it as quick as I did. 
My plans for the new year are in place and I hope that once Emme goes back to her normal sleep I can fulfill the 100% how I'd like to. I wanted to just come on here and chat with you a little I know I have been somewhat MIA. So I wanted to give you a little recap of the passed few weeks. It's a new year but same me, just with better plans and firmer goals. I am excited to see what 2017 will bring and I can't wait to share some great brands I will be working with this year.