A couple of weeks ago, I got to visit the LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash labs here in New Jersey. It really was such a cool experience. I didn't know what to expect going in but I am so happy I got to attend because it changed my view on my dental hygiene. Our smiles and teeth are actually one of the first things people get to see on you yet we don't really take care of it as we should. You've heard it once and again, your smile is your #1 accessory and as such we should make sure to have clean, healthy teeth for years to come. 
Fun fact: did you know that this lab in Morris Plains, NJ is their GLOBAL laboratory... yes! I was so hyped to be there knowing this is where they test out all their products and actually produce new ones. 

So the reason why Listerine brought us, influencers, into their lab was to tell us all about their Bring Out The Bold campaign., which launched in March. They are really making a huge effort to inform people about the dangers of not having proper dental care and hygiene. I had no idea how important and necessary Listerine is as part of your daily routine. Yes of course, I've used mouthwash before but after everything I learned, saw and smelled (they have a odor room, it mimics your mouth! yuck!) I have definitely been on top of my Listerine game ever since our visit to the lab. We got to chat with scientist Tara Fourre who gave us a tour of their lab rooms... I even got to stand on top of a tooth! virtually of course. It was really cool and really gross all in one. The reality of the bacteria that grows in our mouths is ridiculous and truly disgusting. This is why it is so important to brush, swish and floss twice a day. LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash kills all that bacteria in just 30 seconds of swishing. But you have to be disciplined about your dental hygiene to keep a good healthy smile for years to come. The reason why you have to brush, floss and swish is because brushing along only kills 25% of bacteria... you need to back that up with LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash and your favorite form of flossing. 
We also got to speak to Dr. Lee Gause, DDS., he was so informative and such cool guy, definitely didn't look like a "dentist". Did you know that gingivitis or gum disease affects 50% of Americans? yes that's half of all Americans! Which has led us to a dental crisis that we are experiencing right now. Yes, you read that correctly: a dental crisis! It is so important to take care of out teeth and dental hygiene. And as a mom, it is important to teach our children the importance of this at an early age. Dr. Gause said that kids can start using Listerine Kids Mouthwash as early as 6 years old. They have bubblegum flavors among others to make their experience a happy one. 
As part of their Bring Out The Bold campaign, Listerine conducted a test where they concluded that Listerine users are the boldest of the bunch. Have you ever sat down and thought about what the boldest thing you've ever done is? Research shows that Listerine users are more likely to jump out of a plane, hand glide, quit their 9-5's for their dream job and also eat very spicy food. While I am no skydiver-hand-glider-lover, I do love my crazy blogging job as oppose to a 9-5 because to be honest this right here is my dream job... So I may not be the boldest of the bunch but running my own full time business and having two children and a hubs to take care of, is pretty bold to me!
I hope next time you are brushing your teeth you think of me and this post. Honestly and in all seriousness, please get informed and take action. Don't forget to floss after you brush and swish, swish, swish, twice a day. I've been on top of it and believe me it has just become second nature, truly a part of my beauty routine... since your smile is the prettiest accessory you can wear after all. 
ps: you can check out some of my fellow blogger's post who attended the event with me. I loved hanging with Ronesha from Her Agenda and Kela from Kela's Klozet - these ladies were smart and hilarious! Such a great time, hope to see you power women soon! 
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