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As a mom and wife and full-time blogger, I know how necessary a little me time can be. I've always said it, in order to be a happy mom and wife, you have to be a happy woman first. Whether that means a little alone time reading a favorite book at a coffee shop, a mani/ped, or of course, my favorite,  a shopping trip to the mall, which is always a good idea. It's so true that retail therapy really works! Honestly, shopping gets rid of all my stress. It instantly helps me feel better when I am having a bad day. I am sure all of you can relate. 
With Mother's Day just around the corner, I teamed up with Sears to share some of my favorite outfit ideas for this special day. I love dressing for different occasions in different looks; I always strive to feel comfortable and secure about myself and my body. That's not to say I don't struggle with certain insecurities. But the right outfit can definitely make you feel like a million bucks, whether you are wearing a $1,000 dress or a $50 dress. It's all about attitude; when you are confident it truly shows.
And that's why I love the brand Metaphor from Sears, I found these two very different but very classy and stylish outfits for under $100. 
I want to share two outfit options to provide some inspiration this Mother's Day. I love to be surprised, so I am not exactly sure what we are doing for this special day. So just in case, I decided to buy two different outfits. One is this stunning black dress; we all need one of these in our closets. The cut and style are stunning. It hugs my body just enough to make me feel sexy and still elegant. I would wear this in the event that my husband has a nice dinner date planned for us. It's so pretty and very Audrey Hepburn.
For this second look, I went with was something completely different and a lot more casual. I love jumpsuits and this color really grabbed my attention. I love neutrals and I love army green, so I had to have this jumpsuit. I added the bandana because I am really feeling the trend. I think it gives the outfit a cool touch. I would wear this to a family outing, a nice lunch, or even to a park to enjoy the day with my little family. Except, of course, I would switch to flats. 
I wanted to show you guys how you can be really comfortable and still fashionable this Mother's Day. It's all about figuring out what style works best for your body and rocking it your way.
For more stylish outfit inspiration visit the Sears digital catalogue
I hope you all have a sweet day; we all deserve it because we work hard 24/7.

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xo, Erika.
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