It is with a very sad heart that today I write this post. This past Saturday April, 16th my beautiful country of Ecuador suffered a devastating earthquake which left a lot of our coast shattered. There have been over 275 deaths reported thus far, 1500 injured and counting. The devastation will take years to recover from and today my heart is broken seeing images and videos of the disaster. 
Ever since I was a little girl I have always set goals for myself, one of them has always been to help those in need. It is not something I ever share at all. Because I do believe that these things are not meant to be thrown in peoples faces rather the most you do quietly causes the biggest impacts. For every massive destruction, earthquake, tsunami, terror, I have donated my little bit. For every charity or good cause, I have donated my little bit whether that was time or effort. 
The horrific events of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit home for me. And it is with tears in my eyes that I ask you to please help me help those in need. This blog has served as an outlet to numerous achievements and accomplished goals I never thought possible. And today I hope it helps me help my Ecuador. It is why I decided to create a fund raiser to help the communities in Ecuador that have suffered the most. 
I set up THIS YouCaring account in hopes to collect as much money as possible to help the earthquake victims. I hope my small voice in the huge world of social media can help collect as much money as we possibly can. I have nearly 20,000 readers in total, I think we can make this happen. I pray that you help me. I feel that with my social media presence I can count on you to help me spread the word and donate as much or as little as you can because every bit counts.
So you understand a little better, I organized the fundraise, I give you my word that 100% of the donations will be used to help the victims. I am in contact with people in Guayaquil who I trust with my life and will help me by purchasing the goods needed and for the items to be send directly to the victims and those that need it the most. I will be publishing photos of what we buy with the money I raise, so rest assure your money will go directly to the earthquake victims. 
I am only ONE person and I need YOU today. Please help me help Ecuador. 
Please visit and donate.