Hat: c/o Ecua-Andino
Bikini Top: H&M 
Bikini Bottom: Forever 21
Crop Top: c/o SheIn
For today's post I went back and forth and forth and back for a couple of days before deciding to actually post these photos. Because yes they are me in a bathing suit, not just any bathing suit but a two piece which I haven't worn comfortably in a long time. But I wanted to be as raw as possible. 
Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy a day at the beach with my husby while my mom stayed with the kids. And boy was it amazing! I love my kids and am obsessed with spending every second of the day with them but as you all know, spending quality time with your spouse is a priority and very important to any and every marriage...
Back to the post. I get a lot of messages on Instagram and on here asking me what I do to have "that body after the baby" and that's exactly the reason I am posting these pics that clearly show my untoned abs and little rolls of fat on my back. It is to show you that for the most part the pictures you see are exactly that: just pictures. It is all about the angle I snap the photo in. 
I do understand that I am not fat. I get that. But I am also not "in shape" or "toned" and I want to be able to relate to you and you to know that I too struggle with my unfit body. I have insecurities and clothes that I feel uncomfortable with too. On this day, I was truly going to wear a one piece. And then I sat and told myself "NO! Wear your bikini like old times and be proud and confident in your skin and just enjoy your day". And that's exactly what I did. 
My body is no where near where I would ideally love it to be. I don't have an issue with the numbers on a scale because to me they are just that: numbers. I have never been one to want to lose 5 lbs or 10 lbs. I have always wanted to tone what I already have. I haven't made the time to have an exercise routine or go to the gym. It's always so hard for me to get motivated and organize with my time when it comes to working out. But I do plan to get that in my calendar soon.
One piece of advice I want to give my fellow mommies is to always always talk to yourself and cheer yourself up. If you don't do it, who will? I am lucky enough that my husband strives to make me feel beautiful and comfortable with myself and he is my biggest fan and supporter and I love that about him. Even when as a woman we are such harsh critics, it is nice to have someone cheer you and make you feel "so damn fine" as Beyonce would say! 
So next time, you look at me and say "oh man, how does she do it" just remember these are just pics! I have chichos and unwanted fat rolls and untoned abs that are not my favorite. I struggle with my daily mommy duties and frustrations, worries and questions on whether or not I am doing it "right"just like every other mom. But we have to all strive to push each other to feel good about ourselves and today I want to help you feel good about your mommy body too, even if it isn't where you want it to be. Because what is perfect anyway? Simply embrace it. 
As women, we should continue to empower each other in every which way. 
Keep your  head up ladies, we are in this together.