On Tuesday, July 28th, my beautiful little girl turned 6 months old.
A whole 1/2 a birthday! Already.
B has been a big brother for 1/2 a year!
The past 6 months have been filled with sleepless nights, 
double the worries but most of all joy and endless love. 
I don't know how we did "life" before kids. 
I can't imagine my life without these little humans. 
My children are the light of my eyes. The joy of my days.
But it isn't perfect. 
I get frustrated and upset and feel like I am doing it all wrong some days. 
Some days I lose my patience. But I continue to learn and most of all to enjoy the mayhem.
And I am getting better at it.
Most of all I am learning to simply C H E R I S H it. 
Just cherish the moments. There's been several times when things have been put into perspective for me lately. Moments when I realize how truly blessed I am to have these two amazing kids.
So many women would give anything to have just one. And I have two healthy happy kids.
So on those moments when I am losing my patience, I am learning to quickly think about that woman who would give anything to hear a child cry in the background while she quickly cooks.
Or that woman who would give it all to sit here at 3pm still in leggings with throw up all over her shirt. It's these tiny little "frustrations" that I am learning to truly enjoy. 
My daughter is beautiful. She is the light of our eyes, she has a presence about her.
I am in love with how amazing and smart and beautiful she truly is. 
And it's not only her outter beauty, at just 6 months old she is already a caring, sweet, feisty little girl. She has a smile that will sweeten up any cranky soul. 
And she has some pretty sweet milestones on her record: 
She sits up and tries to crawl.
She has 2 bottom teeth
Butternut Squash is her favorite.
She has said "mama"... while crying.
Papa is her heart and spoils her like no other.
B is her hero and her everything.
And me? Mama is her best friend. 
I love making things that we can cherish and that will be memorable and sweet for my doll.
I made this crown headband in 20 minutes. It cost me about $5.
If you are interested in a DIY tutorial for this 1/2 birthday headband, let me know.