Tee + Onesie c/o Hello Apparel | Turban c/o BelleThreads
So this is the first weekend of Spring. But it barely feels like it.
But we decided to make the best of the windy weekend by spending some quality time.
Ben and I rode bikes and his scooter of course. And then we had an impromptu picnic right outside.
I love making memories with him. It's the little things that make him the happiest. And that makes my heart full. So cheesy I know. But it's so true.
These kids have given me a happiness I will never be able to put into words.
And no it is not all peachy and perfect. Far from it. But they always remind
me it is all worth it. They are just my joy.
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Mommy Rave: I have been using Honest Organic Healing Balm and I totally recommend it if you, like me have a baby with dry skin or eczema. It cleared Emme's skin. She had dry patches on her arms and thighs and is all better now.