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 This beautiful cross has such a deep meaning to me. It is so beautiful and one of my favorite verses.
Do you guys remember this canvas I painted for Emme? I framed it in a $10 frame! 
 I still need to print pics of her! I have taken about a zillion and printed none! I need a photo assistant! Is that even a real job? Well it should be, because I need one. 
 Every time I look at this banner I giggle. The epitome of girly-gorg. The detail of it makes my heart melt. The colors, the sparkly letters, the pom-pom strands and gold sequin detail is to die for.
 That silver bows cushion pillow is perfection.
A cute on the budget closet with everything you need. I plan on adding shelves on the sides for her shoe collection. I am so in trouble because I LOVE baby shoes + baby bows! 
Happy Friday! I am so excited to share today's post. Not only because it has been my latest favorite project but because I want to share my ideas on how to decorate a baby nursery on a budget and for small spaces.  I am all about making the most out of the spaces I have at our house. And we are so lucky to have a really large master bedroom. We have a 2 bedroom house therefore our baby girl shares our room with us. And I was able to totally make it her own space and I love how it turned out. We even made her own little custom closet (made by my husband). Because we had a small space to work with I wanted to be sure to have all the necessities and be smart about what I needed and what I didn't. One of the first things I new I wanted was the versatile and easy open closet. My husband did an amazing job at making exactly what I had envisioned. 
I also wanted the wall of the crib to be the main focus of her nursery area. I originally had purchased two really big picture frames and had two paintings for it but not until a few weeks before having our baby, I decided on this collage wall. And I am so happy I went with it because I am obsessed with it! I stare at it all the time and I am not joking. I love details and anything sparkly, cozy, pearly... simply girly, you name it and I love it. Therefore, I added pieces that had a lot of detail to them and mixed textures and colors that didn't necessarily match but more so complimented each other. I mixed golds with silvers, pinks with greens and faux fur with crystals. Did you notice that amazing personalized name banner?! I died when I received it. It was a gift to Emme from Pearl and Jane, I am so in love with it. I have so many ideas of ways on how to use it, it is perfect for nurseries, play rooms and even a birthday party or photoshoot prop.   
My favorite baby items aside from that gorgeous crystal lamp and Emme's personalized banner is my Arm & Hammer Munchkin Diaper Pail by Munchkin. Since we share a room I wanted to be sure to have those stinky diapers deep in that pail to avoid any and all diaper smells. The baking soda cartridge on top keeps all those odors away. Every time you insert a diaper a sprinkle of baking soda is dispensed into the bag. I actually didn't have one of these with my son and I am so glad I was able to have one with Emme this time around. I love that the bags are easy to change and the smell is totally sealed so it doesn't release when we change the bags. One of the most important reasons I picked this specific diaper pail was its size. Other ones I saw were unnecessarily huge and since I had a small space to work with this one was perfect for me. It is a lot smaller than the other ones I saw and so easy to put together and use. I definitely recommend it ladies and on top of being great, it is inexpensive as well.
So now what do you think? I truly love how it turned out. Not sure if its because of all the love I put into it but I think it is pretty adorable. Remember that you can re-decorate and re- arrange any space you just have to be creative and use the space wisely. Get pieces you totally need and don't forget a baby doesn't need a whole entire room the first few months even to a year of life. So don't feel bad about not having a nursery room - work with what you have! The baby is just happy knowing he or she is loved.
I love home decorating and I'm always changing up the rooms in my house. This one and my son's room were definitely my fave so far. I hope you enjoyed it. I couldn't wait to show you!

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