So it's about that time, Christmas is just 17 days away! And I have already sent out my Christmas cards this year. I made sure to do them nice and early before it got way too cold here in New Jersey. We pretty much shot these on the very last warm day of the year and I am so glad we did. I knew I wanted to do pictures outside since the past years they have been either in a studio or inside our home, I wanted these to be different. So I grabbed some Christmas props I already had in the garage and set them up outside our house. Yes! Outside our house... but it worked. I knew I wanted us all to coordinate our colors and outfits but not too matchy and over the top Christmasie... Even Lola (my adorable shih-tzu) got dolled up for the 20 minute photo shoot, haha. I set up our tripod and we started shooting. Now mind you I don't have a remote control for the camera so I had the guys stand there and pose while I ran back and forth. But it literally took us 20 minutes tops and we were able to get some adorable shots of Ben. He is such a photogenic boy I swear, it's not just because he is my son, but have you seen how handsome he is? I die. And Lola, she is an expert at posing now. So ladies, next time you are stuck and don't know what to do for your Christmas photos, grab a few props, dress your little family up and head outside, natural lighting is everything and my personal favorite - all you need is a tripod and a couple of cute kiddos - furry or not. When there's a will, there's a way! I hope you enjoyed this little DIY family photos post.