This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with NEUTROGENA® and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions expressed are my own.
Happy Thursday! Today I will be talking about the Neutrogena Visibly Even line. I wanted to do something a little different with the photos so my husband got a few shots of me in my bedroom hanging out with some of my favorite things; my laptop and magazines for blogging. My makeup bag and of course the new Visibly Even line by Neutrogena which I have been using and will be reviewing today. As part of this collaboration, I wanted to show you how these products have helped me obtain my go-to natural everyday look. I don't wear make up everyday, so these Visibly Even products are perfect for giving me a fresh, even toned face for those days I am out running errands, doing research at home (when you are a blogger this is called work) and just enjoying my every day tasks. There is so much that goes along with being a mom and wife and if you are any of these two you know we don't get much time to make ourselves up on a daily basis. So I use Neutrogena products to achieve this effortless + natural look and you can too, in just a few minutes. 

NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY EVEN® Foaming Cleanser: I start off by cleaning my skin very well with this cleanser, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft without over drying. It contains ESSENTIAL SOY which is a natural brightener which helps achieve that glow we all love and evens out your skin tone.

NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY EVEN® Daily Moisturizer SPF 30: I cannot live without moisturizer, I truly feel like something is missing without it. I apply moisturizer twice a day, especially during the change in season which tend to leave my skin feeling dry. And if you are like me you always look for a moisturizer with SPF. Remember ladies, SPF is not just for the summer months, you should be using it all year round to protect your skin from the damaging sun rays. This moisturizer helps brighten my skin and works with the cleanser (also contains essential soy) to give me that glow we all aim for. It improves radiance while reducing the appearance of dullness after just two weeks of use. 

NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY EVEN® BB Cream SPF 30: Thank God for the invention of BB Cream. But let's triple thank God for the invention of THIS new Neutrogena Visibly Even BB Cream! If you haven't used BB cream before, ladies, you are missing out. BB cream safes lives... just kidding, but it does save me time! I love that I can apply it after washing and moisturizing my face and it gives me an even toned skin, while preventing dark spots and improving my overall radiance. All while protecting my with SPF 30. 
And who doesn't want to have radiant, healthy-looking skin? Well with these 3 easy to use products now you can too. They are inexpensive, easy to use and deliver effective results. 

And as you can see, hair pulled back, comfortable clothes and none to minimal makeup are my favorite ways to feel fresh and beautiful on a day to day basis. It makes me feel myself and knowing I get to have a few minutes to take care of me really makes this mom HAPPY. And that is very important to give my family my best face (no pun intended jaja) it's true what they say a HAPPY mom + wife equals a HAPPY LIFE.