Hey amigas, I am writing this post today sans outfit pics or beauty deets... I simply haven't been able to shoot outfit pics for the passed few days. I enjoyed a long weekend with my family, it was Vday as well as President's day so I took the time to enjoy them fully. Aside from that the weather hasn't really permitted fun and cute pics. It snowed again this morning and I know you have heard this from all of the East Coast people but we are so sick of it. I decided to answer a lot of emails and plan out some fun beauty posts I have coming. I also have ordered some amazing new jewels for Lola Blue, the closet that I can't wait for you all to see! I want it all! They are all pastel hues perfect for this Spring that can't come fast enough. 

I wanted to post this photo from 5 years ago when we visited Santorini in Greece, it was mid August and it was so so hot! What I wouldn't give to be there with  my boys today. The good thing is the weeks are suddenly flying by. So I am so excited for spring. I just wanted to touch base with you guys so you don't think I am lost or have abandoned Lola Blue:) I hope you like the new name and got adjusted to the new links. East coasters, stay warm! West coasters, I am so jelly! But enjoy! xo
Hola chicas, este post no tiene detalles de atuendo o consejos de belleza. Mas bien es tan solo para pasar or aqui y decirles que no los he abandonado. Tan solo disfrute a mil mi fin de semana con mi familia ya que fue el dia del amor y la amista al igual que el dia de los presidentes ayer. Ademas el clima por aca sigue muy frio y se me hace dificil tomarme las fotos para poner aqui. Pero estoy planeando varios posts de belleza y quizas les traiga tambien comida, que les parece? 
Esta manana consteste muchos email y tambien ordene unas piezas hermosas para Lola Blue, the closet que se que les va a encantar. Son colores pasteles lindos perfectos para esta primavera que espero que llegue pronto. 
Esta foto es de Santorinin en Grecia de hace 5 anios, que no daria por estar alla con mi fmailia hoy. Lo bueno es que los dias estan pasando rapido y ya pronto sera primavera aqui! xo