Hi guys, I am so happy to share with you that I have changed my blog name! Please welcome LOLA BLUE STYLE. There are a couple of reasons why I changed the name and I am so happy I did. I wanted to share with you guys so you get a better understanding of the reason behind it. First as you all know I have a jewelry boutique that had the same name as my blog Lola Blue, the closet (changes coming there too but name staying the same) so people always confused the two web addresses and I really think it was time to separate the two so they have their own individualized names. Afteralll, one is all about my style, my clothing style, my life style, my beauty style! And the boutique is about well, what I keep in my closet :) The second reason is because I got some great advice from an awesome friend who thought it was much easier to have a domain than to have the entire blogspot address and I totally agreed with her. I didn't want the name to be too different so I kept it simple and easy to remember. I hope you guys like it. I think it was about time! Please remember my Twitter and Facebook web addresses have also changed but my email is the same, as I do have both the blog and jewelry connected there. Eventually I'll make the change but for now this is the easiest way to do it! Overall, I am so happy with the new name and the new address. Don't worry the old blog name is redirecting you to here and the if you already follow me on Twitter and Facebook you have nothing to worry about either. But here are the new links so you can see, xo. 
Hola a todos! Estoy muy feliz de compartir con ustedes que Lola Blue tiene nuevo nombre y nueva pagina de web. Hubo dos razones principales por las cual lo cambie y les quiero explicar para que sepan un poquito mas la razon. Primeramente, como ya saben tengo mi boutique de joyeria llamada por el mismo nombre entonces muchas veces la gente confudia la pagina. Segundo, una gran amiga me recomendo que cambie a .com en vez de blogspot.com ya que es mas facil para las personas y las publicaciones. Y es la verdad! Muchas gracias amiga! Ya sabes quien eres:) Estoy feliz con el nombre nuevo ya que es super facil y el cambio fue simple. Me encanta que ya las dos tengo su propio nombre e identidad. La boutique tambien tendra algunos cambios pero el nombre se queda. Espero les guste el nuevo nombre y no se preocupen ya que el nombre nuevo las va a redirigir a esta pagina y no se perderan de nada. Pero si pongan atencion a las nueva direcciones de web, espero que les guste y como siempre gracias por su amor y apoyo siempre, xo.